Welcome to Scribes & Archers. I’m Ariel, and I’m a Christian homeschooled teenager finally on her way to self-publishing a novel. I’ve been writing for about ten years now, blogging consistently for close to two years, and reading for as long as I could. If you need a heap of new book recommendations, come talk to me. It’s quite likely I’ve read something that’ll fit whatever you’re looking for.

With this blog I try to help out my fellow young writers by providing practical, easy-to-use tips on character development, worldbuilding, and other parts of the craft. I also share about my own writing, which is primarily fantasy. My current project is an epic fantasy trilogy, and you can read more about it here.

I usually post two to three times a week: writing tips on Tuesday, character interviews on Wednesdays, and book reviews on some Thursdays. If you’d like to get updates whenever I post something new, you can enter your email there to the right and subscribe. You can also subscribe to one of my newsletters right here:

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