Welcome to Scribes & Archers. I’m Ariel, and I’m a Christian homeschooled teenager with a dream to become a best-selling indie author (or something like that). I’ve been writing for about eleven years now, blogging consistently for two years, and reading for as long as I can remember. If you need a heap of new book recommendations, come talk to me. It’s quite likely I’ve read something that’ll fit whatever you’re looking for.

With this blog I try to help out my fellow young writers by providing practical, easy-to-use tips on character development, worldbuilding, and other parts of the craft. I also share about my own writing, which is primarily fantasy. I frequently work on multiple projects at once, and you can read about my main works-in-progress here.

I post once a week: writing tips on first and third Tuesdays, character interviews on second Tuesdays, book reviews on fourth Tuesdays, and random stuff on occasional fifth Tuesdays. If you’d like to get updates whenever I post something new, you can enter your email there to the right and subscribe.


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