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R.M. Archer has been an avid reader since she was a toddler and has always been a lover of story. Her first exploration of the other side of the page was a mystery at age seven, and though her preferred genre has changed, her interest in writing has not. She's a homeschooled teenager living with her family in northern Virginia.
The Mystery Blogger Award

The Mystery Blogger Award

I was tagged for this… three months ago, and it managed to fall through the cracks and never get done. Because I’m an excellent blogger… But we’re here now! So let’s get into the tag. :)


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1. What book do you think held the best mystery? (doesn’t have to be a mystery book, but it has to be one that you have read)

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Three-Year Blog Anniversary

Three-Year Blog Anniversary

Sooooo, there’s another birthday this week. And it’s my blog’s! It’s officially past the terrible twos and into its childhood. (Is that weird? That’s weird…) ANYWAY. To celebrate, I’ll be answering y’all’s questions, sharing some of what I’ve been up to… and making (what I think is) an awesome announcement! So without further ado, let’s go! Continue reading “Three-Year Blog Anniversary”

Book Review: Steward Stories by Beth Wangler

Book Review: Steward Stories by Beth Wangler


“What was there in life, if not an endless wrestling against an unconquerable foe?”


Freedom doesn’t bring the peace the nation of Maraiah hoped for.

Giants, soldiers, and nomads fill the promised homeland—and they’ll do anything to hold onto power.

Thrown into an unfamiliar landscape and constant danger, Maraiah struggles to maintain her identity.

It’s a time of faith.  Aia raises up Stewards to stand between His people and death. He works great miracles through them, reshaping the very ground of the promised land.

It’s a time of disappointment. Home looks nothing like Maraiah had dreamed. Generations drag on, and still violence, confusion, and doubt abound.

Will a Steward ever truly establish peace?


These seven short stories take place between Child of the Kaites and The Steward’s Apprentice, providing snapshots of key figures whose struggles with pride, trust, courage, and identity shape Maraiah’s future. Continue reading “Book Review: Steward Stories by Beth Wangler”

Why Sequels Are Harder to Write – Guest Post by Hope Bolinger

Why Sequels Are Harder to Write – Guest Post by Hope Bolinger

Today we have a guest on the blog! Hope Bolinger is a YA author and literary agent, and this post is part of the blog tour to promote her upcoming book: Den. Stick around to the end of the post to read more about that. :)

Have you ever read a sequel and thought, “Meh. The original was better”?

Or have you ever felt that a book didn’t need a sequel, and that the author simply wrote a second book because their publisher said, “Stacey, you sold a million books. We need a second installment NOW!”?

Believe it or not, authors get intimidated by writing sequels. Even if we’d originally planned for a series, we worry that our second book will end up like so many other second installments to popular books: mediocre at best.

In this article, I’ll break down some of the trickiest obstacles to writing a sequel, and how to overcome them. Continue reading “Why Sequels Are Harder to Write – Guest Post by Hope Bolinger”