Author: R.M. Archer

Hi, I'm Ariel. I'm a Christian teen writer. I write mostly fantasies, though I have tried to venture out beyond those borders. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly adventurous in that respect. I hope you'll enjoy it here and maybe learn something new about me, my writing, or just stuff in general. Have Fun!

Return from Hiatus

Hello, everyone! I’m back from my hiatus (more or less, at least), and looking to prep for my two-year blogiversary post. I have three questions for you:

1. What do YOU want to see in my two-year blogiversary post?

2. What are your assumptions about me? (FYI, I’m very hard to offend, so don’t be shy.)

3. Do you have any questions about me, my writing, the blog, etc. that you’d like me to answer?

I want to make the post fun for you, so please let me know down in the comments what you’d like to see. :)

Hiatus Notice

Due to a hectic schedule, I haven’t managed to post according to schedule for the past three weeks, and since my schedule is just going to get more hectic going into July I’ve decided to take an official summer hiatus. I’ll still be sending out my newsletters every other week, so if you’re on the list you won’t be completely out of the loop. (If you’re not subscribed and would like to be, you can sign up via the form on the right. Just be sure to check off “Reader,” “Writer,” or both so I know which newsletter(s) should go to you.)

I’ll be back at the beginning of August, just in time for my two-year blog anniversary, and I’ll be doing some special stuff for that. I’m thinking primarily of doing a Q&A and answering your assumptions about me. I’ve been curious about the assumptions thing for as long as it’s been a trend, but I haven’t done it yet mostly because it is a trend (and also I wasn’t sure if you’d be annoyed to see yet another assumptions post XD), but I’d really like to hear your assumptions. So if you’d like you can go ahead and comment on this post with questions and assumptions, and I’ll answer them in my blogiversary post, and I’ll probably ask for more near the end of July, in case not everyone gets to it now.

Also, I’m writing for a group blog called Masterful Manuscripts now and I’ll put up about three posts there between now and the end of my hiatus, so you can continue to get writing tips, not only from me but also from a group of other talented authors, over the summer.

Have a great summer!

May-June Language of Worlds Link-Up

May-June Language of Worlds Link-Up

There’s another edition of Language of Worlds out! This month, I’ll be answering for Rynn.

1. Your character goes on a leisurely stroll. Where to?

She’s probably in the Eckards’ garden. The Eckards have a big garden surrounding their manor, always kept in wonderful shape, and it’s a favorite place for anyone who’s been there. Rynn finds it extremely relaxing. Continue reading “May-June Language of Worlds Link-Up”

Liebster Award #4

Liebster Award #4

I’ve been nominated for the Liebster Award a fourth time (the second time this year). I was actually nominated way back in February by Catwing, but I’m only just now getting around to answering the questions. :P Anyway, let’s do this. :)


Acknowledge the blog who nominated you for this award.

Answer 11 questions the blogger gave you.

Give 11 random facts about yourself.

Nominate 11 blogs.

Notify them.

Give them 11 questions to answer. Continue reading “Liebster Award #4”

Flash Fiction: Remember

Flash Fiction: Remember

Every year, Rosalie Valentine hosts a Flash Fiction Dash, which is a couple of weeks in which authors across the blogosphere (and beyond) write flash fiction based on a prompt assigned by Rosalie, post them on their blogs if they have them, and then Rosalie gathers them all into one glorious wrap-up post at the end. I saw it last year, but thought I couldn’t write anything that short, but this year I decided it would be a good way to get back into short stories in a more gradual and fun way… and I was basically right. The only problem is… with any new short story comes new characters that I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH beyond the story, so now these characters are rattling around in my brain.

But enough of my yakking. Here’s the prompt I started with: Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Remember”