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Hi, I'm Ariel. I'm a Christian teen writer. I write mostly fantasies, though I have tried to venture out beyond those borders. Unfortunately, I'm not particularly adventurous in that respect. I hope you'll enjoy it here and maybe learn something new about me, my writing, or just stuff in general. Have Fun!
5 Benefits of NaNoWriMo

5 Benefits of NaNoWriMo

As fall approaches, chances are that most of us authors are thinking about NaNoWriMo or have at least seen other authors talking about their plans for November. Maybe you’re a veteran author who’s done NaNoWriMo before, maybe you’re a veteran author who’s never been sold on it working for you, or maybe you’re new to the community and you’re wondering what on earth “NaNoWriMo” even means. Wherever you stand, here are five benefits I’ve found of participating in NaNoWriMo.

First of all, a quick explanation of NaNoWriMo for anyone who’s new to the term: NaNoWriMo is short for National Novel Writing Month. It refers to an event that spans the month of November, in which authors are challenged to write 50,000 words in a month. This is the average length of a novel, and the idea is that the month results in a completed first draft of a novel you haven’t started yet. That’s not always the case, since some novels are longer, or some authors (myself included) choose to work on an already-started draft, but that’s the basic idea.

Now, on to the benefits. Continue reading “5 Benefits of NaNoWriMo”

Preptober Prompts Announcement!

Preptober Prompts Announcement!

Last year, I started an event called Preptober Prompts to get people excited and thinking about their NaNoWriMo novels for the month of October (also known, in writer circles, as Preptober). Well, I’m bringing it back this year! I’ve made a few adjustments and worked out kinks from last year, and I’m hoping that this year will be even more fun.

Here’s how the event works. The prompts are centered around a theme (“music,” this year), and each week features a different category of prompts: worldbuilding prompts, character prompts, plot prompts, and flash fiction prompts. In addition, each week is hosted by a different blogger. I’m super happy to announce Continue reading “Preptober Prompts Announcement!”

The Book Buddy Collab Tag

The Book Buddy Collab Tag

Jenna Terese has created a new blog tag, and this one is collaborative! The way it works, you and a blogger buddy coordinate to answer questions about each other and post the tag on the same day and then see how you did. It’s going to be super fun, and of course I’m doing it with my eleven-year best friend, Allie, over at Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins. Continue reading “The Book Buddy Collab Tag”

Blog Schedule Change

As I’m trying to get back into things after a summer hiatus, and also going into a new school year that’s more time-intensive than previous years have been, and trying to give more time to actual story drafting, I’m finding it difficult to keep up with my current blog schedule and produce new content and that kind of thing, so I’ve decided to cut wayyyy back on my blogging schedule and make only one post per week.

Here’s the new schedule:

First and third Tuesdays will be writing tips

Second Tuesdays will be character interviews

Fourth Tuesdays will (hopefully) be book reviews

It’s going to be very different, lol, but I’m hoping it’ll work better and I’m hoping that fewer posts will also mean better posts as I’m able to put more time into them. I’m sorry for the missed posts and hectic craziness lately. Hopefully things will settle into a rhythm again with this new schedule, at least aside from Preptober Prompts in October. (This is not an official announcement. There will be an official announcement in the beginning/middle of next month, once I have the co-hosts finalized. ;) )

Anyway… that’s the latest news. I hope this change results in my better ability to serve y’all with more helpful content, more consistent (if less frequent) content, etc. :)