Calligraphy Guild

Title: Calligraphy Guild
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Dragon ink allows writers to set history in stone--or to change it. Only the most skilled and trustworthy are allowed into the ranks of the calligraphers, and no one is ever to mess with the past or the future. But when the Hairen calligraphy guild is set upon by ancient dragons demanding a time-changer be destroyed, Duyên Lai is left to wonder which of her guildmates has broken their oath and altered time.


The world, characters, and relationships in this are all super cool to write. Everything is really different from what I normally write, so it's fun to stretch out of my usual comfort zone and explore these more creative options. The nation where this story takes place is Asian-inspired, and you can explore it more here. If you'd like a basic aesthetic of the story, you'll find that here.

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