Book Genre: Fantasy

The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles

Title: The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles
Genre: ,
Draft: Complete
Release Date: May 1, 2019
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All the fairytales you've heard are wrong, but I'm here to set the record straight.

I'm Solem Anders, Mirror-Hunter, and this is what really happened.


A Series of Unfortunate Events meets Disney in this short story series as Solem Anders pursues a volatile magic mirror across Farilin, seeking to destroy it and end its trail of tragedy. But when princess Eira steps in his path and enlists his help to overthrow her mother, he is lured into her Pack by the promise of information. Is this the shortest path to the mirror, or just a treacherous diversion?

With the mirror barely out of reach, Solem's time is ticking away, and he'll lose far more than a princess when the clock strikes.


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ISBN13: 9781093548976

Short Story Collection Vol. 1

Title: Short Story Collection Vol. 1
Genre: , , , ,
Draft: Published
Word Count: 20699
Release Date: February 8, 2018
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In this collection of four speculative fiction short stories, you'll be introduced to the sci-fi/dystopian world of Concordia, a new take on Neverland, and the characters of R.M. Archer's upcoming novel The King's Paladin.


Lost Girl:
Nya is the granddaughter of Captain Hook and has a bitter distaste for Peter Pan. Until she meets him, that is.

Escape Room:
Four teens wake in a dark room. Faced with puzzles they must solve to escape, they uncover a sinister secret.

The Paladins:
Tensions are running high as Eliot Dashire's paladin apprentices near the end of their training, the selection of his successor. Can their relationships survive his decision?

Fiona Wildman has special powers. Powers that a scientific mega-corporation wants to exploit.

Includes an extended ending of Lost Girl.

Available in print for $8.99 OR on Kindle for $2.99!

ISBN13: 978-1984962034

The Masked Captain

Title: The Masked Captain
Series: The Masked Captain Trilogy #1
Genre: , ,
Draft: 1st
Word Count: 28130


Princess Rynn is tired of her father’s inaction. The kingdom’s military has fallen into disrepair after years of peace, but now wolf-men ravage the countryside at Scythia’s border, and the king is deaf to Rynn’s protests that he revitalize the army.

With no one else willing to rock the boat, Rynn leaves the castle under cover of darkness and dons a new identity--Aelgan Revine, military captain--and takes charge of the local military company. But will she be able to keep her true identity hidden under a mask, safe from both her men and her father, long enough to eradicate the lupine threat?

Rynn’s eyes flashed open and she threw off the covers as quietly as possible. Grabbing her dagger sheath and book from the bedside table on her way, she tiptoed to the door and leaned close enough to hear Kallum’s steady breathing on the other side. Not steady enough to indicate sleep, of course. Kallum took his job far too seriously for that.

Cold radiated through her feet and she stepped back onto the rug as she strapped her dagger on over her nightgown. She crossed the room to the window, left open before she went to bed. She swung herself over the sill, letting out a low hiss as she banged her knee on the stone. The vine that grew oh-so-conveniently all the way from the ground to her solar window provided an excellent ladder—as it had many nights previous. Upon reaching the ground, Rynn took a deep breath of crisp night air and smiled, twirling once between lying down several feed from the keep window and cracking open her book to read by moonlight. She sniffed the pages and momentarily enjoyed the aroma before settling in completely, trying to ignore the howls from the northern forest but unable to fully banish her annoyance

Halfway through the night, she fell asleep to the sound of cicadas.


Rynn woke when the sun began creeping above the far-distant mountains. The reddish light—and heat, with it—spread across her face as if peeling back a mask, and she sat up to face the mountains. She squinted as she admired the red and purple clouds that stretched across the sky like ribbons. After a moment, she collected her book and climbed back up to her room. Her morning-weak arms struggled to keep a strong hold on the vine, but they steadily strengthened and she climbed inside without mishap. She nearly hissed as her bare feet struck the cold stone floor, and danced onto the rug.

“Did you enjoy your clandestine meeting?”

Rynn’s head snapped up and she spotted the dark hair that peeked above the back of her chair. She should have noticed the fireplace was lit. “Clandestine meeting?” Rynn repeated, trying to regain control of the situation, and her heart rate. “I think you mean ‘clandestine reading’.”

“Was it worth putting your life in danger?” Kallum rose from the chair and faced Rynn with his arms crossed and a familiar glare on his face.

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The Shadow Raven

Title: The Shadow Raven
Series: The Dark War Trilogy #2
Genre: , ,
Draft: 1st
Word Count: 85069


Sixteen-year-old Nissa Quail is a thief in the country of Roenor, unwanted even by the man who raised and employed her. When she's caught stealing from the prince, things take an unexpected turn.

Eighteen-year-old Prince Detren Everlind has been resting comfortably in the assumption that he'll have many more years to continue preparing before he has to take the throne.

When the two cross paths they form an unlikely friendship, but all that is put at jeopardy when Nissa's employer disowns her and Detren's father is assassinated. With Nissa determined to prove that she doesn't need anyone's help and Detren struggling to keep his country out of harm's way amidst the danger of impending war, will they be able to reconcile her desire for independence and his instincts to protect? Or will Nissa and Detren both fall, their country with them?

"A summer evening breeze brushed through [Detren's] hair and sounds still traveled in from the city. Hoofbeats on pavement, the calling-out of merchants, rowdy laughter from some nearby pubs. Detren took a seat on the gravel-accented rooftop and watched the city as the sun sank low on the horizon.
"Before too long, the stars began to twinkle and the city lights came on, burning as if reflections of the starlight in a massive pool."


Thanks to Rachel from the Young Writer community for the temporary cover. :)

I just realized that the description I had of this book was wayyyyy out of date. It was from back when I adored this book. I still appreciate the idea of this book, and I'm still working on it, but it's grown extremely difficult to write as it's gone on and the character relationships have begun to reflect difficult real-life relationships, which I think will be a benefit in the long-run but currently makes things stressful to write. That said, I don't hate this book, and I hope that I'll be able to get through it and finish it sometime over the next year (between June 2019 and 2020).


Also in this series:

Lost Girl

Title: Lost Girl
Genre: , ,
Draft: Published
Release Date: June 5, 2018
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Nya is the granddaughter of Captain Hook, and she has no intention of letting Peter Pan live after what he's done to her family.

When she finally finds his hideout and goes to raid it with her pirate band, she's caught, something she can barely comprehend, and when she starts to fall for Pan, it's an even bigger surprise.

But what will happen when she loses all she's come to love, and even Neverland itself?

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