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The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles

Title: The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles
Genre: ,
Draft: Complete
Release Date: May 1, 2019
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All the fairytales you've heard are wrong, but I'm here to set the record straight.

I'm Solem Anders, Mirror-Hunter, and this is what really happened.


A Series of Unfortunate Events meets Disney in this short story series as Solem Anders pursues a volatile magic mirror across Farilin, seeking to destroy it and end its trail of tragedy. But when princess Eira steps in his path and enlists his help to overthrow her mother, he is lured into her Pack by the promise of information. Is this the shortest path to the mirror, or just a treacherous diversion?

With the mirror barely out of reach, Solem's time is ticking away, and he'll lose far more than a princess when the clock strikes.


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ISBN13: 9781093548976

Short Story Collection Vol. 1

Title: Short Story Collection Vol. 1
Genre: , , , ,
Draft: Published
Word Count: 20699
Release Date: February 8, 2018
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In this collection of four speculative fiction short stories, you'll be introduced to the sci-fi/dystopian world of Concordia, a new take on Neverland, and the characters of R.M. Archer's upcoming novel The King's Paladin.


Lost Girl:
Nya is the granddaughter of Captain Hook and has a bitter distaste for Peter Pan. Until she meets him, that is.

Escape Room:
Four teens wake in a dark room. Faced with puzzles they must solve to escape, they uncover a sinister secret.

The Paladins:
Tensions are running high as Eliot Dashire's paladin apprentices near the end of their training, the selection of his successor. Can their relationships survive his decision?

Fiona Wildman has special powers. Powers that a scientific mega-corporation wants to exploit.

Includes an extended ending of Lost Girl.

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ISBN13: 978-1984962034

Lost Girl

Title: Lost Girl
Genre: , ,
Draft: Published
Release Date: June 5, 2018
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Nya is the granddaughter of Captain Hook, and she has no intention of letting Peter Pan live after what he's done to her family.

When she finally finds his hideout and goes to raid it with her pirate band, she's caught, something she can barely comprehend, and when she starts to fall for Pan, it's an even bigger surprise.

But what will happen when she loses all she's come to love, and even Neverland itself?

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