Book Genre: WIP

The Half-Elves

Title: The Half-Elves
Series: The Half-Elves Trilogy #1, The Hylands Series #1
Genre: , ,
Draft: 1st
Word Count: 17758


(This is a very rough draft of a synopsis.)

The Elfbournes have a loving adopted family, a settled routine, and good friends, but all of that is turned upside-down when a faerie shows up and tells them they’re princes and princesses of a fantastical kingdom known as The Hylands.

Introduced to a new world with new rules, the Elfbournes struggle to connect with parents and a sister they barely remember and train to defend themselves and their kingdom from a foreign king who will do anything in his power to control The Hylands.

Elk is determined to prove himself up to the tasks set before him, Leafman struggles to have his voice heard, Sarabrina grows desperately homesick, and Saria seems to be the only one who truly belongs in The Hylands. But the threat of invasion is something none of them can set aside to conquer their own troubles, and war is looming ever closer. If they fail, it will mean losing everything they’ve just discovered, but if they succeed it just might mean gaining the acceptance of their people.


I originally wrote this story between the ages of seven and eleven and edited when I was thirteen. Every aspect of the story has been significantly updated and improved since then, but it (hopefully) retains the same heart. So far it's been a blast to dive back into the world--now much deeper than four years ago--and flesh out the familiar characters more fully. ^-^

Calligraphy Guild

Title: Calligraphy Guild
Genre: , ,
Word Count: 45467


Dragon ink allows writers to set history in stone--or to change it. Only the most skilled and trustworthy are allowed into the ranks of the calligraphers, and no one is ever to mess with the past or the future. But when the Hairen calligraphy guild is set upon by ancient dragons demanding a time-changer be destroyed, Duyên Lai is left to wonder which of her guildmates has broken their oath and altered time.


Ryuu walked over from a conversation with some of the younger boys and set one foot on the steps. “Are you doing all right?”

Duyên nodded with a soft smile. “Thanks for asking.”

Ryuu took a seat beside her, hands between his knees. “I saw Makio had to get Po away from you again.” Ryuu smirked.

Duyên chuckled. “It wasn’t like that. Po was actually being nice, he’s just… not the best company when my thoughts are heavy.”

“I hope I’m an improvement?” Ryuu wiggled his eyebrows.

Duyên laughed, head thrown back. Her expression faded to a grin as she turned back to Ryuu. “Yes.” She leaned up and kissed him briefly.

Ryuu grinned. “I’m happy to hear it.”

Duyên leaned on his shoulder and watched the lights dancing over the field a moment before closing her eyes and listening to the childrens’ laughter. She felt Ryuu press a long kiss to her forehead. Duyên released a contented sigh. “Can’t evenings like this just last forever?” she murmured.

“I wish.”

“Can we pretend?”

Ryuu rubbed her shoulder. “Absolutely.”

Duyên’s thoughts drifted and she fell asleep.


The world, characters, and relationships in this are all super cool to write. Everything is really different from what I normally write, so it's fun to stretch out of my usual comfort zone and explore these more creative options. The nation where this story takes place is Asian-inspired, and you can explore it more here. If you'd like a basic aesthetic of the story, you'll find that here.

The Shadow Raven

Title: The Shadow Raven
Series: The Dark War Trilogy #2
Genre: , ,
Draft: 1st
Word Count: 86251


Sixteen-year-old Nissa Quail is a thief in the country of Roenor, unwanted even by the man who raised and employed her. When she's caught stealing from the prince, things take an unexpected turn.

Eighteen-year-old Prince Detren Everlind has been resting comfortably in the assumption that he'll have many more years to continue preparing before he has to take the throne.

When the two cross paths they form an unlikely friendship, but all that is put at jeopardy when Nissa's employer disowns her and Detren's father is assassinated. With Nissa determined to prove that she doesn't need anyone's help and Detren struggling to keep his country out of harm's way amidst the danger of impending war, will they be able to reconcile her desire for independence and his instincts to protect? Or will Nissa and Detren both fall, their country with them?

"A summer evening breeze brushed through [Detren's] hair and sounds still traveled in from the city. Hoofbeats on pavement, the calling-out of merchants, rowdy laughter from some nearby pubs. Detren took a seat on the gravel-accented rooftop and watched the city as the sun sank low on the horizon.
"Before too long, the stars began to twinkle and the city lights came on, burning as if reflections of the starlight in a massive pool."


Thanks to Rachel from the Young Writer community for the temporary cover. :)

I just realized that the description I had of this book was wayyyyy out of date. It was from back when I adored this book. I still appreciate the idea of this book, and I'm still working on it, but it's grown extremely difficult to write as it's gone on and the character relationships have begun to reflect difficult real-life relationships, which I think will be a benefit in the long-run but currently makes things stressful to write. That said, I don't hate this book, and I've been doing my best to keep taking baby steps toward getting it finished.


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