Soldiers of the East

Title: Soldiers of the East (and its following novellas)
Genre: ,
Draft: Prewriting
Release Date: To be determined

This one is in the worldbuilding stages. It came about thanks to studying ancient history for school, wanting to write a country run by the military, and a random dream. The continent I'm building - Kersir - is based on Middle Eastern cultures, with two main countries and about four smaller countries. One of those two is run by priests while the other is run by the military, and they really don't like each other. I'm trying to keep to worldbuilding for now so that I don't get myself starting a new story just yet, but it's interesting to work on. It's been mentioned by several of my characters in their interviews because apparently it's a pretty popular book on Themar.

The general region's Pinterest board can be found here. (The below are all links to Pinterest boards.)

Alger (military-led, inspired off of Rome and Egypt)

Eilis (theocratic, inspired off of India)

Veldan (government TBD, inspired mainly off of Spain)

Rasell (government TBD, inspired off of Morocco)

Osanar (government TBD, inspired off of Ethiopia)

The Ayan (creepy gypsy fortune-teller folks)

The Eilram Brigade (an oppressive military group)

The Pastyna Regiment (the opposition to the Eilram)

The Hucan and Musgovi (shepherds and cattle herders)

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