The Half-Elves

Title: The Half-Elves
Series: The Half-Elves Trilogy #1, The Hylands Series #1
Genre: , ,
Draft: 1st
Word Count: 17758


(This is a very rough draft of a synopsis.)

The Elfbournes have a loving adopted family, a settled routine, and good friends, but all of that is turned upside-down when a faerie shows up and tells them they’re princes and princesses of a fantastical kingdom known as The Hylands.

Introduced to a new world with new rules, the Elfbournes struggle to connect with parents and a sister they barely remember and train to defend themselves and their kingdom from a foreign king who will do anything in his power to control The Hylands.

Elk is determined to prove himself up to the tasks set before him, Leafman struggles to have his voice heard, Sarabrina grows desperately homesick, and Saria seems to be the only one who truly belongs in The Hylands. But the threat of invasion is something none of them can set aside to conquer their own troubles, and war is looming ever closer. If they fail, it will mean losing everything they’ve just discovered, but if they succeed it just might mean gaining the acceptance of their people.


I originally wrote this story between the ages of seven and eleven and edited when I was thirteen. Every aspect of the story has been significantly updated and improved since then, but it (hopefully) retains the same heart. So far it's been a blast to dive back into the world--now much deeper than four years ago--and flesh out the familiar characters more fully. ^-^

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