The King’s Paladin

Title: The King's Paladin
Series: The Dark War Trilogy #3
Genre: ,
Word Count: 16114
Release Date: 2019


Is magic a blessing or a curse?

Seventeen-year-old Coraline Seralen is in line to become the next King’s Paladin, the guardian of the King of Mandoria blessed with the magic powers of all the paladins and kings before her. At least that’s the idea.

When her mentor dies and leaves her the Legacy, she’s overwhelmed and terrified of her power. But she can’t afford to be terrified with her country thrust into a war. And how will she do her duty as protector of the throne when the king dies and his daughter bans her from the castle?

Maybe if the kingdom can win the war by themselves she won’t have to use her powers ever again…


I'm currently really torn about how I feel on this one. The main character has the potential to be the most interesting of all the trilogy's MCs... Or the most annoying. In my head she's the former, but in the novel she's trying to be the latter, so we'll see how well I'm able to force her to work as time goes on.

My Short Story Collection Vol. 1 includes a prequel to The King's Paladin that introduces Coraline and the people she grew up with, who will also play key roles in the novel. If you'd like to meet those characters and get to know my writing style, go check that out.


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