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Do I Have That Book? Challenge

Do I Have That Book? Challenge

Jenna Terese did this tag last month and left it open, so I’m going to snag it. Thanks, Jenna! I’m not sure who originally created it, but it was a YouTube tag to begin with.

The Rules:

1. Time yourself trying to find each prompt on your shelf
2. Try and beat the time of the person who challenged you.

3. Don’t forget to tag your challenger and the original creator.
4. Have fun!

The Questions:

1. Do you have a book with tattered edges?

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The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag

The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag

Christine over at Fairy Dust On My Pen, who created this tag, left it open to all Marvel fans, so I’m doing the tag. (In case anyone was curious, no, I haven’t watched Endgame yet. On the bright side, it’s making me extra resistant to Pinterest’s whiles since Pinterest is where I KEEP SEEING SPOILERS if I’m not careful, so I’m just avoiding it as much as possible. XD) But without further ado, the tag. Continue reading “The Marvel Cinematic Universe Tag”

The Rising Author Tag

I stole this tag from Nicki, who told me to steal it, who stole it from someone else who told her to steal it, and I’m told it’s just messy beyond that, but the point is that this tag has devolved into a Macguffin-ish thing and is no longer really a tag. But anyway, without further ado…

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The Language of Worlds Link-Up #4

The Language of Worlds Link-Up #4

This is my absolute last opportunity to do this link-up, seeing as it’s the March-April edition and today is the last day of April. You see how good my planning skills have been this month. XD

In honor of The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles releasing tomorrow, I’m going to answer these questions for Eira Evanly, the antagonist of TM-HC. Continue reading “The Language of Worlds Link-Up #4”