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The Rising Author Tag

I stole this tag from Nicki, who told me to steal it, who stole it from someone else who told her to steal it, and I’m told it’s just messy beyond that, but the point is that this tag has devolved into a Macguffin-ish thing and is no longer really a tag. But anyway, without further ado…

(Apparently this tag has no rules.) Continue reading “The Rising Author Tag”

How to Breathe New Life Into an Old Story

How to Breathe New Life Into an Old Story

If you’ve been writing for a significant amount of time, chances are you’ve dropped a story idea that you enjoyed at least briefly. Maybe you’ve gone back and looked at it since and thought it was garbage, but there’s an equally decent chance that there have been pieces of it you’ve thought are really interesting. After all, something had to grip you when you first wrote it, right? So maybe you have a really cool setting, but flat characters. Or maybe the premise is good, but your prose is cringe-worthy. How do you salvage the good and leave behind the bad? Continue reading “How to Breathe New Life Into an Old Story”