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The Star Wars Character Tag

Two weeks ago, Jenna Terese did two character tags and left them partially open. I thought they looked cool, so I’ll be doing one this week and one next week, and I’m technically not stealing them. ;) And to make things challenging, I’ll only be using characters from The Masked Captain and The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles, since those are my two projects this month. Continue reading “The Star Wars Character Tag”

5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have

5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have

Today, to finish out the last week before I get to start a super epic blog series I’m really excited for (you’ll find out just what that is next week when the first post of the series goes up), I’m writing about antagonists. I really like antagonists. It should probably be worrisome how much I like antagonists. But when they’re written well they can be some of my favorite characters in a book, at least for their depth. So we’re going to be talking about things you can focus on with the antagonist in your book to make them deep and resonant with your readers. (Hopefully your readers aren’t like me and won’t make them favorite characters, but…)

Also, thanks to Savannah Grace and her video on whether Loki or Thanos is the better villain for inspiration for this post. (She mentions a good number of other helpful traits for antagonists, if you want some more inspiration.)

1. Give Your Antagonist Motivation

No character is going to be compelling or interesting to read about if they don’t have Continue reading “5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have”

Character Profiles – Help or Waste?

Character Profiles – Help or Waste?

When creating characters, you’re often told to use character profiles. But do they really help you flesh out your characters or are they just laundry lists of useless facts you’ll never use? I think they usually tend to be a combination, and it depends on the profile. There are some character profiles with more hard-hitting questions and there are some with more shallow questions, and how much you get out of a profile depends somewhat on what the balance is.

Character profiles are also more or less helpful for each writer, since every writer is different. I tend to like them because they give me things to think about regarding the character that I won’t necessarily think of on my own, and then a place to write them down, but others just find them time-consuming and would rather learn about their characters through writing. Neither of these is wrong, and I’ve used both methods in the past.

So what should you look for or put on a character profile? Continue reading “Character Profiles – Help or Waste?”

Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 1 – 2018

Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 1 – 2018

*blinks at prompt* Is there any possible way I can make this not repetitive…

The only way I can think to not emphasize Coraline’s intense love of apples is to answer this for Ismena instead, so we’re gonna do that. Ismena is the second main character in The King’s Paladin, and likely a second POV character. She’s the princess of Mandoria, and she’s fully prepared to be queen when the time comes.

Ismena doesn’t Continue reading “Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 1 – 2018”

Preptober Prompts Days 6-7 – 2018

Preptober Prompts Days 6-7 – 2018

Sorry this is a day late. :P

Coraline’s favorite fall memory is of her first “solo” horseback ride when she was eight. She was actually accompanied by Gabel and Dorian (nine and ten, at the time), but it was the first ride she took without Eliot’s supervision. She got to ride all over the fields outside the castle, and took a detour to the apple grove on her way back to the castle to grab an apple for each of her fellow students, herself, and Eliot to celebrate. (I think she has a slightly above-normal love of apples.)

This prompt concludes week one of Preptober Prompts! You can find all the prompts so far here:

Prompt 1: List 10 things your main character is thankful for.

Prompt 2: What is your main character’s favorite fall activity?

Prompt 3: Does your main character have any fall traditions?

Prompt 4: Pick one of your side characters. How do they feel about fall?

Prompt 5: What is your antagonist’s favorite thing about fall?

Next week’s category is description. Make sure to follow RaeMarie at Ozark Mountain Cailins so you don’t miss any of this week’s prompts, and have fun sharpening your descriptive writing skills. :)

Have you been participating in Preptober Prompts? Are you enjoying it? Looking forward to the next set of prompts? Even if you’re not participating, I hope you’ve enjoyed the glimpse into The King’s Paladin.

Have a fabulous day!