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Preptober Prompts Day 10 – 2020

Preptober Prompts Day 10 – 2020

It’s the last prompt of the week! Drumroll please…

Who are the great heroes who have shaped your storyworld?

Lorcan and Valda (the Elfbournes’ parents) have been fairly instrumental in the shaping of The Hylands. They’ve already driven out King Julen once, and they’ve helped banish discrimination against faeries in The Hylands.

Valda’s father Willian helped defend The Hylands from Julen’s father Cordier; he died in battle, but not before he’d nearly secured victory and his men were able to finish pushing Cordier back.

There was also an older Lorcan, King Lorcan’s namesake, who was a renowned hunter and Continue reading “Preptober Prompts Day 10 – 2020”

Preptober Prompts Day 9 – 2020

Preptober Prompts Day 9 – 2020

Ooh, this is a fun one.

How do different characters view your core setting differently? Are any of those views accurate?

Saria views it as a magical fairyland. After all, she’s ten and she just found out she’s a princess. There is magic, and the people of The Hylands tend to be pretty cool, so she’s not entirely wrong, but of course nothing is quite as rosy as a fairytale.

Leafman doesn’t give a whole lot of thought to the setting itself, actually (although he misses things like electricity), because he’s too busy thinking about how miserable all the people are. (They’re not.) But, though he’d never admit it, he does find the capital rather charming and inspiring, with all sorts of pleasant, colorful characters in it.

Sarabrina finds The Hylands fascinating. She’s read so many books and imagined Continue reading “Preptober Prompts Day 9 – 2020”

Preptober Prompts Day 8 – 2020

Preptober Prompts Day 8 – 2020

Does your story bring any permanent changes to the world in which it takes place?

Originally The Half-Elves ended in a war between Parenna and The Hylands, which would have brought permanent casualties to both sides, may have altered the landscape where battles took place, and would have torn an even wider rift between the two kingdoms.

For this version, however, that ending is rather implausible. So… Ah! This is a rather silly thing, but Elk introduces football to The Hylands, which catches on as a fun pastime. I’m sure there will be other, more significant changes that I just haven’t planned out yet, since this is still a significant conflict even without the full-out war. I’m curious to see what those changes will be!

How does your story alter the world in which it takes place? What are the long-term after-effects?

Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2020

Preptober Prompts Day 7 – 2020

Today’s prompt is all about multi-cultural influence:

Have outside cultures impacted your story’s core setting? How so?

These prompts are making me miss Deseran, because Aleruus is so much less dynamic. XD I mean… King Julen influenced King Lorcan and Queen Valda to ship their kids off to Earth for safe-keeping while Julen was trying to conquer a bunch of stuff, so the royal children were gone for ten years. And Thienid can be thanked for the Dewin, several of whom are currently stationed in The Hylands. Although neither of those are really… cultural. Um… King Lorcan decided to hire a faerie high steward, which is rather akin to Teradel?

Nope. I got nothin’. :P Someplace in Kersir would have been so much more interesting for this prompt. XD

How about you? Have your cultures intermixed, or are they still young and unique?

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