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5 Details to Bring Your Character to Life

5 Details to Bring Your Character to Life

As a character-driven author whose stories almost always come into being based on a cool character who took up residence in my brain, characters are something I often create by a subconscious process rather than through consciously fleshing them out. That’s why, for so long, roleplaying was a huge part of my character development process. Over the past few months, however, my character-building process has become more conscious and I’ve been able to identify some details that help make characters more realistic and engaging, so here are five details to think about when creating your characters. Continue reading “5 Details to Bring Your Character to Life”

The Rising Author Tag

I stole this tag from Nicki, who told me to steal it, who stole it from someone else who told her to steal it, and I’m told it’s just messy beyond that, but the point is that this tag has devolved into a Macguffin-ish thing and is no longer really a tag. But anyway, without further ado…

(Apparently this tag has no rules.) Continue reading “The Rising Author Tag”