Genre: Sci-fi

Length: ~30,000 words

Draft: 1st


I haven’t been working on Lightning long enough to write up a polished blurb, so please forgive the rough description.

The scientific mega-corporation Grantech dedicates a large percentage of its resources to the manipulation of Esleon’s natural “magic” to create a line of super-soldiers (known to the public as Genetic Deviants or GenDevs). The main characters grew up in this program: Nyla, whose powers didn’t integrate properly and cause her chronic pain; Erika, whose powers never seemed to manifest, causing her to be “eliminated” from the program; and Alaric, who uses his powers at Grantech’s behest to bring more kids into the GenDev program, despite his guilt.

Along with some help from ordinary Grantech employees who are starting to see the truth behind Grantech’s propaganda, these GenDevs must find a way to escape Grantech’s control—for themselves and for the others stuck in the program.

Aesthetic & Worldbuilding