The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles

Genre: Quirky high fantasy

Release Date: May 1, 2019

Length: 220 pages

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All the fairytales you’ve heard are wrong, but I’m here to set the record straight.

I’m Solem Anders, Mirror-Hunter, and this is what really happened.


A Series of Unfortunate Events meets Disney in this short story series as Solem Anders pursues a volatile magic mirror across Farilin, seeking to destroy it and end its trail of tragedy. But when princess Eira steps in his path and enlists his help to overthrow her mother, he is lured into her Pack by the promise of information. Is this the shortest path to the mirror, or just a treacherous diversion?

With the mirror barely out of reach, Solem’s time is ticking away, and he’ll lose far more than a princess when the clock strikes.

Solem Anders – Main character and narrator

Mirror-Hunter. Devoted to his goal, but doesn’t much care how he gets there.


Ilene Jade – Supporting character

Loyal. Duty-bound to her princess.

Character interview


Eira Evanly – Antagonist

Dramatic. Cold.

Character interview


Kinley Charlton – Supporting character

Baker. Witch. Fashion designer.


Taleya Mason – Supporting character/Love interest

Curious. Courageous.

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I’d been searching for the mirror for a week between its being stolen and our present story, tracking clues as far from Ambrel as Grell. As I stepped into the city, much different from any I’d seen before, I wondered briefly if I would encounter my cousin Anson. However, this thought was quickly overcome by my fascination with the architecture and citizens around me. The buildings were all made of metal and glass, unlike the wood and sod hovels I was accustomed to, or even the plaster and brick that some larger estates were built of, and some towered into the sky like beanstalks.

The castle visible at the center of the city was the most impressive, with steel steeples and parapets, and windows surrounding every floor. I imagined it would be quite terrifying to be inside the thing and be able to see the hundreds of feet just outside a flimsy wall of glass. As I approached, I could see that the portcullis was made of something that was thinner and yet seemed stronger than steel, crisscrossed and woven with itself into a formidable barrier despite all its gaps.

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