Worldbuilding Content Audit


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Submission guidelines:

One Google doc with permissions set to “comment,” typed in any 12pt. font, containing whatever notes you’re able to compile on

  • Moral law in your world
  • Scientific law in your world
  • The cosmos
  • Magic systems
  • Flora & fauna
  • Each culture’s core values
  • Religious systems
  • Myths & legends
  • History
  • Festivals & holidays
  • Societal roles (work, family, etc.)
  • The arts (architecture, clothing, visual arts, music, writing/story, etc.)
  • Education
  • Government & law
  • Inter-cultural relationships
  • Language

You do not have to flesh out any of these categories beyond what you’ve already developed, but including as much information as possible enables me to get a clear picture of your world and guarantee greater cohesion.

Please include any sort of mission statement you may have for your world, so that we can aim for that target together.

None of your worldbuilding will be imitated, nor used for any purpose other than review without your consent.


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