The Worldbuilders Guild – COMING SOON

Are you overwhelmed by worldbuilding, not sure which details to focus on? Are you overwhelmed by your own ideas and not sure which are right to incorporate into your world? Are you struggling to finish your book because you’ve gotten carried away with months of worldbuilding and still haven’t put pen to paper for the sake of your draft?

Do you want to master worldbuilding instead of letting it master you?

I’ve been there. I’ve also gotten through to the other side (at least mostly) and I want to guide you through the principles, tips, and lessons that worked for me so that you can become a master of worldbuilding yourself. That’s why I built the Worldbuilders Guild.

But the Guild isn’t just a place to learn from one person who’s a little further ahead on the path. The Guild is a place where you can find a community of worldbuilders who have the same goals you do, authors who can get invested in your world alongside you so that you can begin to share your world with others in a constructive environment.

The Worldbuilders Guild will provide you with

  • Access to an Academy of worldbuilding lessons, assignments, and workshops
  • Access to a community of worldbuilders like you
  • An opportunity to build a collaborative world with other Guild members
  • A 10% discount off The Worldbuilding Toolbox
  • Plus more depending on your membership tier!

(Get a sneak peek at what each tier will entail below!)


Sign up for the waiting list to be one of the first to join the Guild and start your journey to worldbuilding mastery!