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Advent Series Collection

Well I obviously didn’t do this as consistently as I meant to (I meant to post once a day from the 1st to the 24th, but my planning wasn’t great), but I’m pretty happy with what I did get done, so here’s the full series.

Winter: A Poem

No Greater Love: A Poem

Jesus: A Poem

Building a Firm Foundation

Six-Word Christmas Story

Hope Is…


Courage Is…

Tick Tock (short story)

Courage Is…

Courage Is…

Time for another member of this series. I did one on love, which started it, and then two weeks ago I did one on hope, and they’re linked there if you’d like to go find them. This one is obviously about courage.

Courage is standing up to a bully, even though your heart is pounding in terror.

Courage is withstanding the jeers of those against your beliefs with your head up, even though Continue reading “Courage Is…”



Sleep my child, be at peace.

Sleep my child, dream sweet dreams.

Dream of snow and happy faces.

Dream of love and fireplaces.

Sleep my child, deeply dream.

Sleep my child, don’t you scream.

Dream of mangers and of babes.

Dream of One who came to save.

Sleep my child, sleep in peace.

Sleep my child, dream sweet dreams.

The Gift

The Gift

To: The first child you see.

From: A friend.

Marianna looked down at the package she held, reading the tag, and stepped inside the orphanage. She looked up and saw a group of kids run out of the library, no doubt playing hide-and-seek. Marianna smiled as they passed, and looked back down at the package in her arms. The first child you see. Continue reading “The Gift”