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Character Interview: Nissa Quail & Detren Everlind

Since it’s February and the month of loooooove and all that, I figured it would be fun to do some character couple interviews. I’ve really been enjoying the joint interviews I’ve done of late (and I hope you have too. You can let me know if you hate them and I’ll stop. XD), and I figured it would be fun to revisit some previously-interviewed characters and see how they react when put with their romantic counterpart.

Nissa and Detren’s relationship is pretty rocky, and I wouldn’t say Nissa actually loves Detren in the true sense of the word, but he definitely loves her and she can’t deny her attraction to him no matter how hard she tries. Let’s get into the interview. :) Continue reading “Character Interview: Nissa Quail & Detren Everlind”