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The Writerly Sibling Tag

I have a confession to make. This tag was not acquired by legitimate means. I stole it.


I know. But if I did it as an excuse to tag my sister, do I get a pass? Before we get started, thanks to Rachel at R’s Loft for bringing this tag to my attention. (I may be a thief, but at least I can be a polite thief.)

And the… rules.

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Preptober Prompts Day 1 – 2020

Preptober Prompts Day 1 – 2020

Happy October! Brisk weather, changing leaves, pumpkin and apple everything, extra excuse to wear flannel (and boots!)… And, of course, Preptober Prompts! If you’re unfamiliar with how this works, check out this year’s announcement post.

Because of how this month is laid out, I decided to do “Reader’s Choice” prompts for these first three days of October instead of at the end, and I asked for prompts from members of one of my writing groups. I didn’t get a whole lot of submissions, so these first two happen to be from this year’s Flash Fiction co-host, Maple! She’s an awesome blogger and author, and she has something up her own sleeve for Preptober that I’m super curious about, so go give her a follow! (Plus, you don’t want to miss her flash fiction prompts later this month. ;) )

But without further ado… this year’s first prompt!

What change does your main character need to make to become a healthier them?

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Character Interview: Fiona Wildman

Character Interview: Fiona Wildman

Short Story Collection vol. 1 is re-releasing in a month, and Silence with it, so I’m bringing back my interview with the story’s MC, Fiona. It’s been slightly updated to reflect edits I’ve made to the story (as well as, hopefully, an improvement in my writing voice), but it’s primarily the same interview I posted two years ago for the first release.

Fiona is a runaway from a tech company that wants to use her DNA to make a race of superhumans, which is why she’ll come across as borderline rude in this interview; she doesn’t trust easily. Enjoy the interview! Continue reading “Character Interview: Fiona Wildman”

Character Interview: Sairsha Kincaid

Character Interview: Sairsha Kincaid

Since I’ve trimmed down my posting schedule, I had to choose just one member of my Calligraphy Guild cast to interview this month. I love ALL of the Calligraphy Guild MCs, but Sairsha ended up selected since really the plot revolves around her (though she’s not the primary protagonist). Sairsha is an artist, calligrapher, and orphanage volunteer. Enjoy her interview! :) Continue reading “Character Interview: Sairsha Kincaid”