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Character Interview: Catessa Regan & Tiberius Alister

I’ve interviewed Tiberius before, but apparently not Catessa. That’s interesting. I’ll have to fix that soon. But anyway, today I’m going to interview the two of them together, as a couple. I really enjoyed diving back into The Last Assassin, and their relationship. They’re so much fun together and they’re so close to #relationshipgoals for me. XD I hope you enjoy their interview as much as I did! Continue reading “Character Interview: Catessa Regan & Tiberius Alister”

Character Interview: Dagmar Karlyle & Kreel Maykis

Dagmar is the second POV character in Unstoppable, written by Allie from Of Rainy Days and Stardust Veins. She’s temperamental, cynical, and has elemental powers. Kreel is one of the supporting characters. He’s protective, a good leader, and has super speed. Enjoy their interview! Continue reading “Character Interview: Dagmar Karlyle & Kreel Maykis”

Character Interview: Trey Rogers & Raegyn Lee

Raegyn is one of the two POV characters in Unstoppable, one of the books I’m working on with Allie. She’s quiet and she has stealth/invisibility powers. Trey is her love interest/boyfriend (obviously). He’s organized, great at planning, sweetly protective, and has telekinesis. Enjoy their interview! Continue reading “Character Interview: Trey Rogers & Raegyn Lee”