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After Draft 1: What’s the Next Step? – Guest Post by Kellyn Roth

After Draft 1: What’s the Next Step? – Guest Post by Kellyn Roth

Like on Wednesday, today’s article is a guest post! Kellyn Roth just launched her organization Reveries Co., which is a place for indie authors to find cover design, editing, blog tour hosting, interior formatting, web design, etc. There’s more information after the post, so be sure to stick around and check it out!

Many thanks to Kellyn for this post!

Finishing the first draft of your novel is exhilarating! Oftentimes when I finish my first drafts, I don’t want to put them down. I just want to keep working on them.

However, as you’ve no doubt heard, most professionals recommend taking a break after you finish draft one before diving into rewrites or revisions.

Now, this may seem like a bad idea. When you’re excited about the story, shouldn’t you keep working on it? What if you fervor dies? What if you can’t remember what all was going on when you return to it? Continue reading “After Draft 1: What’s the Next Step? – Guest Post by Kellyn Roth”

Snippet Sunday: The Heart of the Baenor

Catessa stepped onto the porch of the temple and clambered up one of the pillars. The carved stone dug into her hands and scraped in places the architects had failed to smooth, but she ignored the pain. She reached the top, sprinted across the roof, and perched herself atop a lonely spire. From the spire she could see across the glowing city to the place she despised the most- the inner ring. She stared at it for several minutes before tearing her gaze away in rage. The night sky glittered from the light of a thousand stars as she pulled out her pendant. Hate filled her gaze and blurred her vision as she pulled her arm back and threw the jewel as hard as she could to the slick gravel. It glistened in the torch-light and hit the ground with a brittle crack. As she peered down, she could have sworn the firelight shone white against the purple jewel.

It’s just a trick of the light, she told herself. But she couldn’t keep her eyes from it. Something about it had changed.

She slid down from the spire, darted back across the roof, and climbed down the pillar, muttering to herself all the while about stupidity and good-for-nothing nobles. When she reached the ground, landing hard enough to jar herself, she sought out the pendant. It was open. Her heart thundered as she picked the locket off the cobblestone.

Inside there were no drawings, no notes. Only a single white rose petal, brittle and aged under Catessa’s fingers. Catessa snapped the locket closed in disgust. She didn’t need this. But still, it could lead to-

What am I thinking? she asked herself. They’re nobles!

She threw the locket down again, and this time it didn’t snap open. She began to walk away, but stopped short and turned back to pick it up, shaking her head the whole time.

Editing Giveaway

Editing Giveaway

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Farewell to July

Farewell to July

July’s Writing

I didn’t write nearly as much as I wanted to in July. My original Camp NaNo goal was 50k, but near the end I decided to lower it to 30k because I just wasn’t writing as much as I wanted to and I knew I wouldn’t make it to 50k. I did make it to 30k, though, so I did get a pretty good amount written.

My main focus in July was editing The Heart of the Baenor, and I did finish that, so that’s good. I’ve been enjoying editing a lot with this story, but I’m glad to be done with the third draft and glad to take a break from it for August. I’ve been editing for a really long time, it feels like, and so even though I’m enjoying seeing it get better I’m also getting a little burnt out on it and I think my taking a brief break is going to be good for me and for the story. Continue reading “Farewell to July”