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Snippet Sunday: The Elementals

Snippet Sunday: The Elementals

This excerpt is a continuation of the last one I posted from this story, so if you haven’t read it yet you’ll want to do that first and come back.

Done? Awesome. Enjoy!

It was several more minutes before a bell rang out, nearly deafening, and students began to pour in. Soon I was squished amidst all the people.

Caelum rose once the movement had ceased and all muttering quieted as he raised his hand. “Dear students, old and new, welcome. We’re gathered here for the initiation of another wave of elementals.” Students cheered throughout the auditorium. “New students, I will call your name one by one. When I call on you, please come up and stand in front of my desk. Aira Lannister.” Continue reading “Snippet Sunday: The Elementals”