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My Anticipated Releases of 2022

My Anticipated Releases of 2022

Okay, so “anticipated releases” might be an inaccurate title for this post since my version of looking at new releases is going “Oh that looks super cool!”, adding them to my TBR, and then watching them sit there for years and years afterward. Plus… a lot of these have already come out by now, since it’s the end of March already. But, all the same, here are some of the coolest-looking books coming out this year (because there are a lot of awesome-looking books coming out this year).

Daughter of the Moon Goddess by Sue Lynn Tan

So as it turns out, a lot of the coolest-looking books this year also have some of the coolest-looking covers. I mean… all of these are stunning.

And a lot of them are inspired by various Asian cultures, which is super cool. I’m very excited to be releasing an Asian-inspired fantasy among such lovely company this year. ^-^

Anyway, Daughter of the Moon Goddess came out in January and it looks amazing. The mother-daughter dynamic and the inspiration from Continue reading “My Anticipated Releases of 2022”