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Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 2 – 2018

Preptober Prompts Week 3 Day 2 – 2018

My favorite things about fall are the colors and the crisp weather that’s not quite too cold yet. There’s such a… wonder about fall. That kind you get from Hallmark movies set in the country, the kind that makes you wish you could leave the city and spend time in the wide open spaces of the world, enjoying the fresh air and sunshine. I love that about fall.

Upon consulting my story timeline, I’ve found that the Dark War Trilogy does extend into autumn, so it will no doubt include a scene where Coraline and her “siblings” go to the apple grove. (I promise I’m not trying to be repetitive!) There will be a somber tone to the scene, since it’s the first trip to the orchard since Eliot’s death, but there will also be that element of quiet wonder, the admiring of changing leaves, and the refreshing crisp air. It’ll be a little pocket of peace and good memories amidst the chaos that’s happening in the story at that point.

Make sure to check out Leila’s original prompt post. Her scene sounds really interesting. ^-^

Camp NaNo Prep: The Outline

Camp NaNo Prep: The Outline

Camp NaNoWriMo Prep Series:

Part 1: The Idea

Part 2: The Characters

Part 3: The World


Before we start, here’s a disclaimer: I’m not an outliner. Well, not a hardcore outliner, at least. I do find that I do better when I have some sort of a framework to go off of, though, so in this post I’m going to just share with you a couple of methods I’ve used that have worked for me.

The Chapter-By-Chapter Outline

This is the method I used with The Heart of the Baenor, and it’s pretty simple. Continue reading “Camp NaNo Prep: The Outline”