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Practical Tips for Using Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic

Practical Tips for Using Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic

Pinterest is the main source of traffic to this blog and has been since my site redesign in February. In the first week I got a total of about 4,600 views. On February 11th, the beginning of the second week, I got 877 views on one day, and that’s still my highest daily viewcount. Now, my usual daily viewcount is somewhere between ten and thirty, but prior to the redesign I’d been getting a max of about ten views a day. How did I use Pinterest to skyrocket traffic? Well, let me show you.

1. Update your account to a business

Once you update to a business account you’ll have access to analytics and thus be able to see how many clicks, views, repins, etc. your pins get. Plus you’ll seem more trustworthy to anyone stumbling across you. Continue reading “Practical Tips for Using Pinterest to Increase Blog Traffic”

An Unscheduled Announcement

No, this isn’t an announcement about me. This is an announcement about my awesome friend Melody Jackson and her book, Dragons’ Hope, that’s coming out this year! It’s the third book in her dragon series, and she just revealed the cover and asked if we who follow her and who are in her writing group would share it and of course my answer was a resounding yes. This cover is absolutely GORGEOUS. Like, it got me to use the heart-eyes emoji for the first time level of gorgeous.

But of course I have to keep you in suspense, so here’s the tagline of the synopsis (the rest of the synopsis is apparently SPOILERSSSSSS), and a few short snippets. ;)

Tagline: How can you stand for something when you don’t remember who you are? Continue reading “An Unscheduled Announcement”