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Book Spotlight: Aivan – The One Truth by Kayla Green

Book Spotlight: Aivan – The One Truth by Kayla Green

Kayla Green has been a superstar when it comes to spreading the word about my books, especially Calligraphy Guild, so today I’m thrilled to return the favor and spotlight her new book Aivan: The One Truth!

What is Aivan about?

Two young people from opposite sides of the Great Continent must make sense of their life.

Rune has grown up all of her life in the mountainous northern nation of Kansanai. As granddaughter of the Senior Elder, she has been a devout Continue reading “Book Spotlight: Aivan – The One Truth by Kayla Green”

5 Types of Dragons (with Examples)

5 Types of Dragons (with Examples)

A reader recently asked me where to start with books featuring dragons, and I ended up giving a handful of recommendations featuring different types of dragon portrayals. I thought it would be interesting to write a blog post about these different portrayals, plus provide some dragon book recommendations for other readers, so here we are!

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1. Villainous Dragons

In western literature, anyway, dragons were originally Continue reading “5 Types of Dragons (with Examples)”

Book Review: Once I Knew by Victoria Lynn

Book Review: Once I Knew by Victoria Lynn

I’ve been following Victoria Lynn on Instagram for ages, but Once I Knew was the first of her books to really catch my attention. Because I appreciate her and her passion for truth so much, I was really excited to see a book of hers coming out that’s in a genre I enjoy and I was thrilled to be able to pre-order it! It took me two months to finish it, but now I can finally present my review. But first…

What is Once I Knew about?

Violet lives her quiet little life in her sleepy village. Trying to remain as dead to the politics that are threatening their world as possible. She follows the rules, stays out of trouble and does her best to remain out of sight of the dreaded and overbearing Kingsmen.

With the new regent on the throne, the country has been thrown into a turmoil. Unlike the kindly king before him, the new ruler is overbearing, frightening and tyrannical in his rule. Taxes are bleeding the people dry and without the money or goods to pay, they have been forced into penal servitude and imprisonment by the Kingsmen, who know no mercy. The despair and fear that has taken over their lives has ruled out any level of hope.

When Violet stumbles upon an unconscious and injured Kingsman in the woods, despite the consequences, she cannot help but take care of the injured man. When he wakes and has no memory of who he is, she takes the only precaution that will keep her and her grandmother safe; she destroys the evidence of his past life.

If Violet’s lowly Kingsman regains his memory, will she be able to live with the consequences? And will the Kingsman be able to live with his past life?


In the end… I didn’t enjoy Once I Knew as much as I’d hoped. In part I think it was a matter of taste and in part Continue reading “Book Review: Once I Knew by Victoria Lynn”

5 Books that Give Me “Calligraphy Guild” Vibes

One of the things I wanted to do with Calligraphy Guild was find similar books to promote alongside it. Asian-inspired fantasy isn’t a sub-genre I’ve read or seen a whole lot–nor are slow-paced or story-themed fantasy–so I wanted to dive into it and see what I found. I came out with a pretty mixed bag, but there were a few highlights. (Though the first item on the list is not one I read as a comp title, but rather one that was an encouragement to me as I was writing Calligraphy Guild.) Continue reading “5 Books that Give Me “Calligraphy Guild” Vibes”

Underrated Character Relationships

Underrated Character Relationships

One of the things I love most about Calligraphy Guild is the variety of character relationships, so today I thought I’d highlight some of the relationships I enjoyed most and relationships I would love to see more of in fiction—including a couple that don’t appear in Calligraphy Guild (though I have plans to use all of these at some point. ;) )

Realistic Siblings

I’m the oldest of five siblings, so I love reading about Continue reading “Underrated Character Relationships”