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Character Interview: Catessa Regan

Character Interview: Catessa Regan

For those of you who don’t know, Catessa is the main character of both Slander & Steel and The Last Assassin. (And I just interviewed her and a friend of hers from TLA last week, if you’d like to see them interact with each other.) She’s a thief and assassin who’s fiercely loyal to her makeshift family, hates reading, and has always been more comfortable near the sea than further inland. I’ll be interviewing her around the time of TLA, but I might have to dance around some things to avoid S&S spoilers. Enjoy! Continue reading “Character Interview: Catessa Regan”

Giveaway Winners!

Okie doke. So, I ran a giveaway a few weeks ago for a copy of Slander & Steel and two pairs of bookmarks (3 winners total), and almost all of the entry options were sharing my Kickstarter giveaway, because I don’t currently have the money I need to get Slander & Steel professionally edited and get the cover art and all that jazz. My Kickstarter was still unsuccessful, despite y’all’s sharing, but I still appreciate your help.

Unfortunately, an unsuccessful Kickstarter means still no book, and I have to form a new plan which will almost certainly push the release date back, so I’m not sure when you winners are going to get your prizes. I’m absolutely not backing out or anything, you will get your prizes, but I can’t promise when. :P I’m still working to push forward, and the plan is still to publish in 2019 if at all possible, so I’m not giving up on any of this yet.

Now, with that caveat out of the way, let’s announce the winners!

The winner of the grand prize is… Marissa Baker! You will be getting a copy of Slander & Steel a month before its release.

The two winners of the bookmark prizes are… Mary Bliese and Leah Tutton! As soon as I have the official cover art I can put together y’all’s bookmarks and send them.

Thank you for your help promoting the Kickstarter campaign. I hope I’m able to get your prizes to you in a semi-timely manner.

I’d like to thank the rest of you for your support, as well. I’m excited to share Slander & Steel with you all, and I really hope you enjoy it when it comes out. ^-^