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Character Interview: Catessa Regan & Tiberius Alister

I’ve interviewed Tiberius before, but apparently not Catessa. That’s interesting. I’ll have to fix that soon. But anyway, today I’m going to interview the two of them together, as a couple. I really enjoyed diving back into The Last Assassin, and their relationship. They’re so much fun together and they’re so close to #relationshipgoals for me. XD I hope you enjoy their interview as much as I did! Continue reading “Character Interview: Catessa Regan & Tiberius Alister”

Character Interview: Nissa Quail & Detren Everlind

Since it’s February and the month of loooooove and all that, I figured it would be fun to do some character couple interviews. I’ve really been enjoying the joint interviews I’ve done of late (and I hope you have too. You can let me know if you hate them and I’ll stop. XD), and I figured it would be fun to revisit some previously-interviewed characters and see how they react when put with their romantic counterpart.

Nissa and Detren’s relationship is pretty rocky, and I wouldn’t say Nissa actually loves Detren in the true sense of the word, but he definitely loves her and she can’t deny her attraction to him no matter how hard she tries. Let’s get into the interview. :) Continue reading “Character Interview: Nissa Quail & Detren Everlind”

Character Interview: Orlan Resdin

Character Interview: Orlan Resdin

Today’s character is Coraline’s primary antagonist in The King’s Paladin. He grew up with Coraline and Gabel and the other three kids who trained to become the next Paladin, and his gift is super-strength. He has a hot temper, holds a grudge like nobody’s business, and has a distinct lack of self-control. Continue reading “Character Interview: Orlan Resdin”

Character Interview: Era Selene

Character Interview: Era Selene

If you read Casabree’s interview from two weeks ago, you’ve already heard of Era. She’s Casabree’s adoptive mother, the town apothecary in Laemar (the capital city of Mandoria), she’s strangely empathetic, and she almost always has a bit of wisdom for Coraline. Also, she’s the only person around who’s not the tiniest bit scared of Ammadeus. Enjoy her interview! Continue reading “Character Interview: Era Selene”

Character Interview: Parr Renate

Parr is a character who popped up uninvited in chapter 4 of The King’s Paladin and immediately caught my attention, partially because he sprung into existence with a full character arc, backstory, and relationship arc with Coraline (i.e. he’s the most fully-formed character to ever just show up). He’s the son of two Mandorian advisors and captain of King Shordin’s private guard. Enjoy his interview! Continue reading “Character Interview: Parr Renate”