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5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have

5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have

Today, to finish out the last week before I get to start a super epic blog series I’m really excited for (you’ll find out just what that is next week when the first post of the series goes up), I’m writing about antagonists. I really like antagonists. It should probably be worrisome how much I like antagonists. But when they’re written well they can be some of my favorite characters in a book, at least for their depth. So we’re going to be talking about things you can focus on with the antagonist in your book to make them deep and resonant with your readers. (Hopefully your readers aren’t like me and won’t make them favorite characters, but…)

Also, thanks to Savannah Grace and her video on whether Loki or Thanos is the better villain for inspiration for this post. (She mentions a good number of other helpful traits for antagonists, if you want some more inspiration.)

1. Give Your Antagonist Motivation

No character is going to be compelling or interesting to read about if they don’t have Continue reading “5 Traits Every Good Antagonist Should Have”