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Writer’s Block: How to Deal With It

Writer’s Block: How to Deal With It

Writer’s block is something that I think almost every writer struggles with, so I thought I’d write up several ways to handle it.

1. Change of Scenery

Sometimes just moving somewhere you don’t usually write can help. I went outside one evening and wrote in the tower of the playhouse in my backyard; I ended up writing a short story about the Half-Elves and getting the characters to actually cooperate for the first time in years.

2. Leave the House

This one ties in with the one before. It’s often suggested to go to a coffee shop or someplace to write. I hate this advice, but not because it’s bad advice. I only hate this advice because I’m unable to follow it. I would love to be able to take my notebook and my favorite pen and go sit in a coffee shop or bookstore and watch people and write. Unfortunately, I can’t drive yet, so I can’t actually do that. But for those of you who can, enjoy what I cannot. I think it’ll be helpful.

3. Write Through It

Sometimes what you need is to just keep writing. Sometimes it’ll work, sometimes it won’t. Sometimes you’ll end up writing garbage and sometimes you’ll end up writing an excellent piece. It depends on the writer and the situation.

4. Do Something Else Writing Related

Read. Fill out a Pinterest storyboard. Sketch a character. Read a book of writing advice. Read up on world-building or description or character development. Do something that’s not writing but is still productive. Even watching a movie could sometimes fit in here.

5. Explore Another Story

You have to be a bit cautious with this one, but sometimes you can just work on a different story a while. Maybe it’s that plot bunny you just thought up at midnight last night, maybe it’s a story you’ve been writing for years and still haven’t finished, maybe it’s a short story you want to write. Just be careful not to get too sucked in and abandon your main writing project.


Hopefully some of that advice was helpful. What helps you get through writer’s block?