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2023 Wrap-Up & Goals for 2024

This post is coming in at the beginning of the new year instead of the end of the previous because I wanted to maintain my December hiatus and kick off the year with a bit of an introduction to the things I’m hoping to accomplish in my business (and beyond) in the coming year. This way, hopefully I set the tone for what to expect in the coming year of Scribes & Archers and everything attached!

This past year was a crazy one, one that didn’t really go the way I expected–but it was a year that I’m incredibly grateful for!

2023: An Overview

I got engaged at the very end of December 2022, which means Continue reading “2023 Wrap-Up & Goals for 2024”

2019 Wrap-Up and 2020 Goals

2019 Wrap-Up and 2020 Goals

The new year is almost upon us, and time has my brain screwed up in knots. On the one hand… it’s been a whole year already? On the other hand, wasn’t July a full year ago? And how did November and December pass in a week? Time is just weird, and the way my brain handles time is even weirder. But according to the calendar, it’s almost the start of a new year and a new decade, which means it’s time for reflection, new goals, and fresh starts. So, let’s reflect, shall we? Continue reading “2019 Wrap-Up and 2020 Goals”