Snippet Sunday: The Heart of the Baenor

This week’s Snippet Sunday is rather short, since I really wanted to share with you a piece of writing that I’ve cut from The Heart of the Baenor. I really like this piece, but pieces of the plot have changed too dramatically for it to work anymore as-is, and I was only able to piece a tiny bit of it back into the current draft. Enjoy. :)

“What would you know about losing a brother? You’ve never had a real family.”

Catessa’s step faltered and Cordain stopped.

“I’m sorry,” he said. “That was uncalled for.”

“No, you’re right. I haven’t had a ‘real’ family. Not one made by blood. But blood doesn’t necessarily dictate what’s a real family and what’s not. Sometimes loyalty does. And if your brother would leave without telling you, maybe he’s not real family.”

Cordain looked up at her, fire in his watery eyes. “Don’t insult my brother. If you can just say something like that about my brother, then obviously you have no idea what real family is.” He strode the end of the pier and snatched up his boots before heading back to the tavern without a glance at Catessa.

She didn’t try to catch up with him, nor did she try to leave him alone. She just followed him, unapologetic, and strode into the tavern after him, catching the door as he let it fall back on her.


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