Using Mindmaps for Worldbuilding

Mindmaps are awesome for brainstorming ideas. You start with a broad idea and then narrow your scope and narrow your scope until you can’t narrow it any further, and this is great when you want to figure out what sorts of details you need to develop about your fictional cultures. And since I’ve been experimenting with video recently and I think this post would be easier if y’all could see my screen… I’m going to do a video of this post rather than text.

I’m considering making video a common thing next year (the rest of this year is likely too busy), starting by converting my existing blog posts into video (actual video of my face, not video of my screen like this), but I haven’t decided yet.

Want more unique ideas for developing a worldbuilding process that works for you? Check out The Worldbuilding Toolbox!

Let me know, do you like this format? Was this helpful? Do you have a method for figuring out what you need to develop for various worlds? I’d love to chat with you down in the comments!

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