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Thank you to Hannah at The Catwing Has Landed for the tag! This tag was created by Beth at Beth In Boots and was inspired by the song from The Sound of Music.


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1. Music

For those of you who don’t know, music is basically my lifeblood. I listen to music constantly. And when I’m not intentionally listening to it, some song is still playing through my head. Music has helped me through a lot, and it can almost always cheer me up when I’m in a bad mood.

2. Friends

I have awesome friends, both offline and online. They’re loyal and encouraging and fun to hang out with and just as weird as I am and I don’t know where I’d be without them.

3. The Bible

I cannot count the number of times I’ve been actively grateful for a working knowledge of the Bible. I’ve been able to use it so many times to encourage friends and battle the lies they believe about themselves and figure out problems of my own, and I’m really thankful for the open access I have to it and for parents who familiarized me with it and taught me its importance.

4. Camp

Camp is, without question, my favorite time of year. It’s a week to connect with people in a way that “real life” doesn’t really allow for, a chance to focus on God and grow closer to Him, a chance to worship more wholeheartedly than anywhere else, a chance to disconnect from the stress and issues of the outside world and just focus on God and other people who love Him, and it’s just a really wonderful experience, every year.

5. My Blog

My blog has been a wonderful tool for learning, helping other authors, and connecting with other authors and bloggers. It’s a place for me to expand my knowledge of writing through translating it into something coherent to others, while helping other young authors learn more about writing. Helping young authors is something I’m really passionate about, so I’m really thankful for this platform from which to do that.

6. Books

Particularly books with deep, well-thought-out worlds. I love being able to delve into fascinating new cultures and landscapes. Generally books aren’t much more for me than an escape and inspiration for my own, but then there are also books like Chasing Jupiter that feel like they’re speaking directly to me and tell me what I need to hear, and it’s really cool that they can be both.

7. My Planners

I have two bullet journals, one of which I use as a daily goal checklist and one of which I use to schedule my day more specifically, I use Google Calendar to keep track of my blog schedule, and I have a box of index cards keeping up with my main writing goals for each month (mostly because I wanted to be able to shuffle them around if need be). These have all been super helpful for keeping on track with my writing, blogging, editing, and reading.


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