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Book Review: Colors of Fear by Hannah Heath

Book Review: Colors of Fear by Hannah Heath

Okay, so it took me way too long to finally get around to reading any of Hannah’s books (I’ve been meaning to read Skies of Dripping Gold for ages. I’ve actually scheduled that one now, lol.), but she is one of my favorite bloggers and when her newest short story came out (February 2) I jumped on it, lol. I bought it, read it, and then was super bummed when it ended. But anyway, review…

This is a short story, so there’s not a whole lot to it as far as words go, but it’s a really rich story despite how brief it is. I was immediate invested Continue reading “Book Review: Colors of Fear by Hannah Heath”

Short Story Sunday – Bag of Beans

I’ve still been working on short stories for this month’s collection (which unfortunately has been moved back to sometime between the 25th and 30th) and still didn’t have time to write  a new short story for the blog, but I have the first short story of next month’s collection, The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles, which I describe as Disney meets A Series of Unfortunate Events. Enjoy. :)


Hello there. I’m Solem Anders, but most likely you only know me as “the man who sold Jack the magic beans.” While this is true, it’s hardly all I did in regard to the incident, and I do, in fact, have a name. That I merely sold Jack a bag of magic beans is a common misconception at this point, and only the first of quite a few. Now I’d like to set the record straight, if only for your entertainment. Continue reading “Short Story Sunday – Bag of Beans”

Studded – Short Story Sunday

Studded – Short Story Sunday

Short Story Sundays are back! And with the announcement the whole readership rejoiced. Okay, likely not really, but a girl can dream, right? Yes, I’m back to doing Short Story Sundays, which I’m excited about. This one is shorter than usual, but I’m happy it’s going up, lol. Enjoy. :)


Kasslynn was thrust forward by two guards and stumbled, careful not to fall to her knees despite her bound hands. She kept her head up, making eye contact with the cold man on the throne before her, and tossed her long brown curls out of her face.

“Bow before the king,” one of the guards growled.

“I am a queen, and I will bow to no one. Certainly not to a king who adds a jewel to his crown for every royal life he ends.”

“Your rebellion will gain you nothing,” the king said, spinning one of his numerous rings around a finger. “You’ll merely be added to the collection. And apparently you’re behind the times if you still think I’m studding my crown. I graduated from that long ago.” He grinned and held up the hand he’d been fiddling with. “I have a ring missing a jewel, and I think an emerald will do quite nicely.” He gestured to the guards. “I’ve seen her. Take her to her room and make sure she doesn’t try anything. I’ll see her for dinner this evening.”

Something tickled at the back of Kasslynn’s mind as the guards seized her arms and led her out of the throne room into a small bedroom on the ground floor. She heard the door click locked behind her and took a seat on the linen-dressed bed. She set her tied hands in her lap and resolved to sit with her chin up until she was brought for dinner. She would not be using anything provided by King Julen. If she were to die in this castle, so be it, so long as it was not by his hand or the hand of one of his servants. She would die clinging to the last shred of dignity she had. Continue reading “Studded – Short Story Sunday”

The Gift

The Gift

To: The first child you see.

From: A friend.

Marianna looked down at the package she held, reading the tag, and stepped inside the orphanage. She looked up and saw a group of kids run out of the library, no doubt playing hide-and-seek. Marianna smiled as they passed, and looked back down at the package in her arms. The first child you see. Continue reading “The Gift”