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Mourning Marie – Short Story Sunday

Mourning Marie – Short Story Sunday

This is another short story I wrote as a character’s backstory, and it’s even sadder than The Dust Thief, so be prepared. (Change in tenses was intentional. Don’t throw me under the bus for that, please.)


“Alick! We’re going to the hospital!”

Alick recognized his father’s voice and his eyes widened. It was time! His mother was in labor!

He dashed through the halls, not even bothering to put on shoes, and threw open the door, nearly forgetting to close it behind him.

The car was already pulling out Continue reading “Mourning Marie – Short Story Sunday”

While I Was Sleeping – Short Story Sunday

While I Was Sleeping – Short Story Sunday

This is a short story I wrote in March exploring what might have happened inside the head of one of my characters as she was asleep in a stasis chamber. It was an exercise for me in writing description, which I really enjoyed writing. I hope you enjoy reading it. :)



My pod opens, and my eyes with it. Only the slightest amount of light spills in through the room’s windows.

I disconnect a zillion wires from myself and climb out of the pod. Everything is still and silent.

I go down the stairs quietly, as if disrupting the stillness will activate an alarm. I reach the bottom and head straight for the door. As I step outside I stop short.

Where my city once was there is only a crater. My building, on the very outskirts, is the only one still standing. Something prickles in the back of my mind, telling me that everyone I know is gone.

Ash falls from the sky like rain and settles in my hair, and the only light in the dark sky is an eerie red glow on the horizon. The disaster happened recently. Is that why I’m awake? I should be asleep. I should be asleep until there’s a cure. But now there will be no cure. There is no one left to make one.

I am alone, and I am dying. Continue reading “While I Was Sleeping – Short Story Sunday”

Rainy Days & Coffee Grounds – Short Story Sunday

Rainy Days & Coffee Grounds – Short Story Sunday

Here is yet another installment of the short story series starring Keslie Bardell that I’m calling Memories & Photographs. Enjoy. :) (Also keep in mind that I don’t edit any of my short stories before I put them up and that I don’t have a lot of practice in writing romance. And for some reason the formatting did weird things that I can’t manage to fix.) Continue reading “Rainy Days & Coffee Grounds – Short Story Sunday”

Jac and Jiles – Short Story Sunday

Jac and Jiles – Short Story Sunday

*cough cough* Oops. This is late. Hopefully it’ll be the only one. :P This is something I decided to write because in several writing books and articles I read they used Jack and Jill as an example and expanded on it a little bit, so I started thinking about ways I could put a spin on it. This is what I came up with, and I hope you enjoy it. :) Continue reading “Jac and Jiles – Short Story Sunday”

Friendship Bracelets & Seashells – Short Story Sunday

Friendship Bracelets & Seashells – Short Story Sunday

Y’all remember Keslie from Sea Glass & Pressed Flowers, right? Well… I might have gotten attached to her and planned a whole series of short stories with her as the main character. This is the second of currently five planned short stories following her and her friends (as will be introduced mostly in this story), and hopefully you like them, because there are going to be several, lol. Enjoy. :)


“Keslie Bardell, would you please pay attention when I’m talking to you?”

Keslie’s gaze snapped up to the front of the classroom and she turned beet red. This was at least the fifth time she’d been caught gazing out the window in class today. “Yes, Miss Pieterse.” All eyes turned to Keslie, but as soon as the teacher started talking again they looked away.

“Thank you. Now as I was saying, the correct way to shade a sphere is to….”

Keslie’s mind wandered again. She was missing her dad again, as usual. She drew her gaze away from the window for the umpteenth time and decided to set her attention to listing off as many things as she could about each student in the room.

Dominic Cole. Running back for the school football team, best friend since who-knows-when, barista at the Piano Shoppe Cafe.

Teresa Kyle. Cheer captain, semi-friend semi-acquaintance, loves painting.

Her gaze stopped on the new girl. Livi Brooklyn? She didn’t really know much about her, but she seemed quite absorbed in her classes all day. Unlike Keslie… The girl had silky black hair that fell in waves to drape around her shoulders, and her Asian features were quite pretty. She wore bright yellow Converse, which immediately made Keslie think of Dominic; they were his favorite kind of shoe.

The bell rang and Mrs. Pieterse gave them their assignment. “On Friday I’d like a piece of work that shows any pencil techniques you remember from last year. You’re dismissed.”

Keslie hurriedly stuffed her supplies into her backpack, making it even heavier than it already was and hurried out of class to find her mom. The red SUV wasn’t at the sidewalk yet, which surprised her. She saw someone skip up beside her, bright colors catching her vision out of the corner of her eye. She turned to see Livi standing beside her, a pink floral backpack slung over her shoulder, bright yellow top almost neon and pink skirt the color of bubble gum. Continue reading “Friendship Bracelets & Seashells – Short Story Sunday”