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Flash Fiction: Remember

Flash Fiction: Remember

Every year, Rosalie Valentine hosts a Flash Fiction Dash, which is a couple of weeks in which authors across the blogosphere (and beyond) write flash fiction based on a prompt assigned by Rosalie, post them on their blogs if they have them, and then Rosalie gathers them all into one glorious wrap-up post at the end. I saw it last year, but thought I couldn’t write anything that short, but this year I decided it would be a good way to get back into short stories in a more gradual and fun way… and I was basically right. The only problem is… with any new short story comes new characters that I have NO IDEA WHAT TO DO WITH beyond the story, so now these characters are rattling around in my brain.

But enough of my yakking. Here’s the prompt I started with: Continue reading “Flash Fiction: Remember”

The Rising Author Tag

I stole this tag from Nicki, who told me to steal it, who stole it from someone else who told her to steal it, and I’m told it’s just messy beyond that, but the point is that this tag has devolved into a Macguffin-ish thing and is no longer really a tag. But anyway, without further ado…

(Apparently this tag has no rules.) Continue reading “The Rising Author Tag”

4-Part WIP Special – Part 2: Current Project Goals

4-Part WIP Special – Part 2: Current Project Goals

Y’all, I’ve been so scattered over the past week. I’m sorry I haven’t posted anything. :P But I’m back now, and hopefully next week will go a lot more smoothly. (If all goes according to plan, I’ll have a Mirror-Hunter Chronicles cover reveal on Tuesday and start my blog tour for the book on Wednesday!)

But for now, here’s part two of the 4-Part WIP Special for this month. :) Continue reading “4-Part WIP Special – Part 2: Current Project Goals”

The Star Wars Character Tag

Two weeks ago, Jenna Terese did two character tags and left them partially open. I thought they looked cool, so I’ll be doing one this week and one next week, and I’m technically not stealing them. ;) And to make things challenging, I’ll only be using characters from The Masked Captain and The Mirror-Hunter Chronicles, since those are my two projects this month. Continue reading “The Star Wars Character Tag”