5 Favorite Writing Reference Books

Full disclosure: I don’t read writing books as much as I maybe should. I tend to wing things, or read blog posts, or take courses (mostly wing things… I’m working on it). But I do have a pretty decent writing resource library, and I have actually read a few of the books in it, and they’re worth recommending, so here are five writing books that I’ve found helpful. Continue reading “5 Favorite Writing Reference Books”

The Imaginary Assistant Tag


1. Thank the person who tagged you and link back to their blog (assistants won’t work for ungrateful bosses). I was tagged by Eden at The Happy Hedgehog, who is a lovely individual and a new blogger with a great sense of humor. Definitely go check out her blog. Oh, and thank you, Eden. :D

2. Link back to the creator of the tag. That would be the lovely Mariposa and Aberdeen over at Dino’s Digest!

3. Tag 5-10 bloggers who need assistants (and if they don’t need them, tag them anyway).



Please answer the following questions so the author assistant agency can find the right assistant for you: Continue reading “The Imaginary Assistant Tag”