Self-Publishing Resource Round-Up

With the new year and new goals, it seemed like a good time to put together a list of resources for those of you looking into indie publishing. This is far from an exhaustive list, but it gathers all of the resources that I’ve used (as well as a couple I haven’t). Feel free to drop your additions to the list in the comments if you’ve found great self-publishing Continue reading “Self-Publishing Resource Round-Up”

How I Became an Editor (and What I’ve Learned)

How I Became an Editor (and What I’ve Learned)

As I open my freelance editing services for the year, I wanted to talk a bit about how that branch of my business got started, some of the things I’ve learned along the way, and my values as an editor.

Over the years, I’ve had people ask me about how I got started because they’re interested in starting freelance editing businesses of their own, so I thought it would be helpful to put all of that information together in one place and touch on some details I haven’t always brought up in those discussions.

I’ve also talked to authors who don’t have much experience in finding editors who are a good fit for their work (and I’ve been that author, myself), and I hope that this post gives insight into what to look for (and what to avoid).

So without further ado, let’s get into it.

Reading with an Editor’s Eye

I’ve been asked whether Continue reading “How I Became an Editor (and What I’ve Learned)”

My Top 7 Writing Tools

My Top 7 Writing Tools

As we get started in the new year and many of us begin working toward particular writing goals, it seemed a fitting time to share several of the writing tools that I’ve found most useful in my own process, in case they turn out to work well for you also. I’ve sorted them in terms of when I use them in my own writing process, going from Continue reading “My Top 7 Writing Tools”

2023 Wrap-Up & Goals for 2024

This post is coming in at the beginning of the new year instead of the end of the previous because I wanted to maintain my December hiatus and kick off the year with a bit of an introduction to the things I’m hoping to accomplish in my business (and beyond) in the coming year. This way, hopefully I set the tone for what to expect in the coming year of Scribes & Archers and everything attached!

This past year was a crazy one, one that didn’t really go the way I expected–but it was a year that I’m incredibly grateful for!

2023: An Overview

I got engaged at the very end of December 2022, which means Continue reading “2023 Wrap-Up & Goals for 2024”

Government Values

This post was originally published at Lavender Bleu Books. That site is currently on full hiatus (i.e. inaccessible), and this post is a stand-in for the time being. Upon Lavender Bleu Books’ re-launch, this post will disappear and links will once again go through to Bleu’s website.

Fantasy cultures are often placed under monarchies. Dystopian cultures are often placed under autocracies or totalitarianism. But there are many government types to choose from, and what Continue reading “Government Values”